October 20, 2023
The profound insight that Kevin Gleaton has amassed over the years underscores a fundamental principle of marketing success: delivering desired outcomes to clients and affording them access to the requisite target audiences through an innovative approach. His multifaceted engagement with a diverse clientele has endowed him with a perspective he defines as "unique." His adeptness in taking charge is a well-recognized attribute, a testament to his clients' appreciation of his capacity to effect tangible, constructive measures that enhance the financial health and profitability of their enterprises.

Over the course of his 18-year tenure as a marketing specialist, Kevin C. Gleaton has garnered proficiency in virtually every facet of marketing. His expertise spans a wide spectrum of domains, including marketing automation, lead generation, marketing architecture and strategy, new media development, campaign execution, and social media strategy. Kevin's unwavering dedication to continuous learning is evidenced by his relentless commitment to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the field. He achieves this by closely collaborating with his clients, maintaining an inherently inquisitive mindset, and diligently seeking to expand his knowledge.